And so it begins…

February 3, 2010

Well, I did promise Allye G that I would do a blog…if she created one. She did.

As I type, I must admit that I’m looking to the right of my screen and see “Move to Trash” and am thinking that maybe I should move this whole blog to the trash. BUT I’ll finally give this blog thing a chance and see how goes it.

Well, this week I have felt like a legit college student. And I’ve decided the only reason I feel that way is because my car won’t start. Ha! I’ve had to walk everywhere…on campus. And I haven’t minded it, plus the bonus of much needed exercise. However, I fear rain days, but I’ll cross that hump in the road when I get it. Anywho, I guess the fact of me walking everywhere, with a backpack, and the occasional “Soup at Hand” gives me the added college touch. Funny, how I finally feel like a college student on my last semester of my college career.

NOT when I’m staying up til 5am studying for a test at 8am.

NOT when I’m enjoying the freedom of not having to ask to do/buy things that I want.

NOT when I’m writing long @$$ papers…


Interesting, no?

P.S. I made a friend on my daily walk(S) to Presser. I named him Fred Oscar. He’s the dead/flattened squirrel next to the dumpster of Stribling. Another added bonus of walking to class…. :-/

2 Responses to “And so it begins…”

  1. Allye said

    leslie, i’m already in love with your blog.
    i love you.

  2. Julie said

    ewwww, porr Fred Oscar.

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