New friends.

February 9, 2010

So I’ve noticed that since Sunday, I’ve had a spring in my step. I can’t really explain it but it’s been good. Joy has been a good friend of mine lately and I’m hoping that we become better friends.

Another close friend of mine would be Senioritis. I told my friend, Allye, that Senioritis seems to be like this cute, brain-washing parrot that sits on my shoulder constantly. And I keep listening to it and feeding it crackers. As ridiculous as it sounds, that metaphor is so true.

The Green Mile. That’s another new friend of mine. I refer to this friend as the Green Mile because I feel like I’m going to die everytime I walk it. This is a good friend of mine due to MY CAR NOT WORKING SINCE AFTER MY BIRTHDAY!!! Sad, Sad, SAD. Somedays the walk isn’t that bad, but lately due to the FREEZING TEMPS and RAIN and EXPECTED SLEET/SNOW ON THURSDAY AND FRIDAY, I call the walk “The Green Mile.” Bout time I reach my destination, I’m 10 secs from dying or I look like death.

Sorry about the caps. I’m just venting and getting my point across.

Sincerely, I have made some good friends or rather made friends out of acquaintances. Being intentional in relationships can be very refreshing. It also makes me wish I had more time to invest in these relationship, but I try not to regret the past and remain thankful for the time I have left to continue my friendships. Plus, graduation is soon approaching and who am I to stop it from coming. 😉

Less than 3 months til I graduate!

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