March 22, 2010

I got into Grad School at Texas Women’s University! I can’t believe it!! I’m excited to be living in the big city…or a BIGGER city, that’s for sure. Furthermore, I’m excited to learn and have a Masters in Counseling and Music Therapy. Just saying that makes me feel like I’ve aged 13 years…. I’m old.

Anywho, just thought I’d let any readers the good news.



March 9, 2010

So it’s hitting me that I have less than 2 months in college! Where did all the time go?!?! I find the thought of me going into the “real world” really exciting and really scary at the same time. Futhermore, I’m catching myself being really sentimental about things and people. Example: Tonight I was just hanging in my apt with a few close friends and while we were all laughing, I almost had a panic attack thinking that these times are going to come to an end!!!! Also, that they will be doing this next semester and I won’t be here. HOW SAD IS THAT!?!?

Here are just some of the few blessings that I will miss:

Being close to amazing friends that I've grown with since freshman year.

Being able to get away with dressing like this for the Christmas holiday!

Pulling pranks on Mr. Crosby for him to find when he wakes up.

Having sweet/hilarious convos with these amazing women from One Voice.


Sweet and hilarious Julie. I'm convinced there's no one like her.

My Senior year in One Voice in general.

Worshipping God and ministering to others with all of these amazing singers/people!

Precious moments I had with my roommates: Meg, Kathryn, and Jeanette. They've impacted my life in so many ways.

Seeing Simon's face. And loving on him. And him loving on me.

Phoebe! Sweetest/Juiciest Baby Girl!


There are sooooo many memories that I’ll always cherish. I’m so blessed and thankful for the people that have been placed and the words that have been spoken into my life.

“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another”  – Proverbs 27:17

Well today wasn’t so bad. Lots of rain though. I’m convinced that the school has the worst drainage system. Puddles are everywhere and not only does the campus began to look like a lake, it starts to smell like one.

Major bonus about today was the fact that OPERA IS OVER!!! It feels great to not have to rush to an 8 hour rehearsal after having class and other rehearsals all day. Although, it was good (kind of) while it lasted, I’m very happy to have a life now.


  • Exactly 2 months till I graduate.
  • No word from grad schools. (Keep the prayers up.)
  • Less than 1 month till my recital hearing. (Keep the prayers up.)
  • I still miss Kenya ALOT! (My heart has been aching a lot more lately.
  • Paul and I are still going strong. (Almost 8 months) He’s a major blessing in my life, but that’s for another blog entirely.

Overall, life is good.

Everything to Me.

March 7, 2010

A song that has kept me content with life and reassured of who my life is grounded in is Everything to Me by Fred Hammond. I hope it blesses you.

My future and my history
My freedom and my liberty
My strength my joy
My life, my peace
Oh Lord You’re everything to me


March 6, 2010

So as of late, I’ve been on this love kick. Which I must admit is pretty refreshing. The other day I was walking to class (car still not working) and I just felt completely delighted in! It was beautiful. The only thing that came to mind was:

 The LORD your God is with you,
       he is mighty to save.
       He will take great delight in you,
       he will quiet you with his love,
       he will rejoice over you with singing.”

– Zephaniah 3:17

Anywho, on my birthday I got the Painted Red cd by JJ Heller. I like her. You should check her out. Here’s an excerpt from one of her songs, “Invisible Love”

When I fall I feel Your arms before I reach the ground
Lord, I know Your whisper, though I’ve never heard the sound
The wonder of invisible love

This is how it has to be
With You and me
The wonder of invisible…

Some day there will be no time to mind
I will be Your long awaited bride
We will dance away the night

This is how it has to be
With You and me
The wonder of invisible love

P.S. Tonight is the last night of the opera. I couldn’t be happier!