Another Rainy Day -Corinne Bailey Rae

March 8, 2010

Well today wasn’t so bad. Lots of rain though. I’m convinced that the school has the worst drainage system. Puddles are everywhere and not only does the campus began to look like a lake, it starts to smell like one.

Major bonus about today was the fact that OPERA IS OVER!!! It feels great to not have to rush to an 8 hour rehearsal after having class and other rehearsals all day. Although, it was good (kind of) while it lasted, I’m very happy to have a life now.


  • Exactly 2 months till I graduate.
  • No word from grad schools. (Keep the prayers up.)
  • Less than 1 month till my recital hearing. (Keep the prayers up.)
  • I still miss Kenya ALOT! (My heart has been aching a lot more lately.
  • Paul and I are still going strong. (Almost 8 months) He’s a major blessing in my life, but that’s for another blog entirely.

Overall, life is good.

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