“Can I just tell you….”

April 13, 2010

Ok, so I’m going to try to do something new these next weeks….or however long it’ll take. My blogs will be a bit different. I’m going to talk about 1 person a day and their impact on me while I’m hear. I know this might tap into some emotional and sentimental part of me, but it’s high time I do that, rather than waiting on graduation and exploding as I walk across the stage to get that Paper!


So this one person in particular has a hold on my heart. If you can’t fully grasp how beautiful she is just by looking at her,

Beautiful Bec

then notice her smile, and if you still can’t grasp how radiant her being is after that, than have a conversation with her or better yet go get on a drink run to Sonic’s Happy Hour or Bush’s Happy Hour (you didn’t know they had those did you! …well, she did).

She starts off every “news” with “Can I just tell you…” and at the mention of those words I get excited to hear what she has to say, better yet the laugh that follows because she knows that I (and others) know that she says that phrase waaaaay too often. But it’s charming on her, nonetheless. 

When I ride with her we have an unspoken understanding that certain songs you just can’t talk over. Usually songs that capture our heart are followed with a sigh after the song ends. We also some songs you can just sit still and listen to. They MUST be danced to! Like Down by Jay Sean, that song never ceases to amaze me…or her for that matter.

When placed in situations in rehearsals, she is the first one to catch my glance and understand my heart and mind about anything, funny or annoying, just from one look. Speaking of rehearsals or music in general, her voice is so warm and piercing to the soul. The first time I heard her sing, barely knowing her, I cried. I’m not that emotional of a person, so she should be very proud to know that.

Her mannerisms and sayings (“Aaah, Pooo”) will always capture my heart and always put a smile on my face. Her friendship has blessed my life beyond comprehension. Through her I’ve come to know many amazing people, several of them being her family, which has now become mine.

B, if you’re reading this…CAN I JUST TELL YOU (lol) that you my dear are one of the sweetest things about life. My life specifically. Thank you for blessing me by just being you. By saying things I didn’t want to hear and things I needed to hear. Reaffirming me and encouraging me, mind, body, soul, and spirit. Your hugs have an undiscovered medicine that can heal any sickness and disease that I have. We’ve had so many great times and I’m absolutely positive that they won’t ever end. I’m so happy and proud of who I’ve seen God anoint and bless you to be. He has so many things in store for you and it brings joy to my heart to even think about. I know just thinking about how much I love and appreciate you causes my heart to explode, so God’s love for you is….WHOA!

I’m sorry that I wasn’t what you expected when I arrived late to OV Camp (lol), but I think that’s what God wanted this friendship to be. An unexpected surprise. Something we weren’t expecting that shocks us, excites us, brings joy to our hearts, and gives us goosebumps.

A picture speaks a thousand words. (Shout out to Allie W. for pic we're looking at and Allye G for taking this pic)

Good times.

I thank my God everytime I remember you. Seriously.


For those that were reading this, sorry for holding you so long. So enjoy this song that always makes us dance! I love you too!

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