June 7, 2010

Ok. So Lord knows (as does my forgiving readers) that I haven’t posted on here in….

It’s not that I haven’t thought about blogging or the fact that I don’t have anything to blog about. It’s just that I have too many thoughts. Lots on my mind, ladies and gentlemen…LOTS!

Life after college has been quite interesting. Job applications, lots of questioning oneself, and testing of patience and true contentment.

Today, I had a lunch date with one of my favorite people. My Pop (yes, I call him Pop), the good ole D-A-D. Our conversation was good. Talking about “what’s to come” and having joy in uncertainty. Anyone who knows me well is that uncertainty is not okay with me. I find no joy in it. In some situations, yes. Uncertainty can be quite amazing such as surprises. I find much joy in the uncertainty of what someone has for me.  😉

Anywho, one thing that Pop said not only cracked me up but stuck with me…and will most likely stick with me forever. I can’t wait to give my children this load of crap. (LITERALLY/Figuratively)

Pop said, “Sometimes even though we aren’t given what we want or think we need, we have to have faith that God will get us where He needs us to be or rather to an amazing place that we didn’t really see would be exactly what we wanted and what others needed from us. You could go after some job that isn’t available and have to end/land in some CRAP, but next thing you know you’ll stand up proudly with bags of FERTILIZER that people are begging for!!”

LOL! Can we say best metaphor ever!  Honestly, I think that will always make me excited and/or joyous for when I’m in CRAPpy situations because I know the fertilizer that comes out of it will not only make me grow but could possibly help others grow as well.

Love, Peace, and Fertilizer!

One Response to “Fertilizer”

  1. Allie said

    awe. some.
    I’d vote him mayor any day.

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