The Glory of Being Blind

July 3, 2010

After a refreshing dinner and movie with a great friend, Allie. I heard a great song on the way home. I love when I hear a really old song that I’ve never paid attention to but then you listen again and it all makes sense. It’s like God wanted you to understand the lyrics at a certain time or your Holy Spirit is mature enough or ready to fully accept it.

Anywho, I’ve always been a fan of Out of the Grey (I told you it was an old school song) and one of my favorite songs that the couple sings is Walk By Faith. Here are the lyrics below:

I’m gonna walk by faith, not by sight
‘Cause I can’t see straight in the broad daylight
I’m gonna walk by faith, not by fear
‘Cause I believe in the One who brought me here

I’m standing on the edge of whatever
Whatever He has planned for me
My next step will be measured
With confidence in the unseen

Like dancing on the edge of forever
I have nothing left to lose
Flying free as a feather
A vagabond in beautiful shoes

I’m moving through this great unknown
With faith beneath my feet
I take the road invisible
But I know Jesus goes with me
Oh, I believe, I believe
Because You gave Yourself to me
And I have nothing left to fear
‘Cause I see it’s You who brought me here
Though the road ahead is not quite clear
Still I know the way

Anywho, this songs has lots to do with lots in my ever-changing life. It’s great to know that God has seen and will continue to see everything, (fears, struggles, solutions, glory, salvations, PURPOSE!) that I can’t see.

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