5 a.m.

August 5, 2010

As of late for the past couple of days I find myself being wide awake around the same hour: 5 a.m. Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a night owl and usually goes to sleep around 2 a.m. during the summer and always after midnight when I was in school.

That’s beside the point. The point is that at these early hours of the day I find God just really calling me to a quiet time with Him. To worship. To pray. To study. To read. And at some points, he turns my fleshly routine of checking FB into meaningful and intentional conversations with whoever he decides to pop up on chat. It awesome.

And for what purpose? Intimacy. Intimacy is familiarity, close and warm friendship, personal relationship. I feel like these are the times that God is really testing/trying me, building me up, and just getting the best out of me.

When I was younger…like really young, and I couldn’t sleep, I would be sooooo upset and cry, especially if it was a school night, because I’d be so screwed during the school day. Hahaha, now that THAT confession is over, I say that to say this. That now I know why that happens and I take joy in it. To know that God is wanting to talk to me. And for me to talk to him.  It’s kind of like having your lover wake you up just cause they want to talk because something is on their heart. I know nothing about the previous statement PHYSICALLY (lol), but spiritually that is what it seems like to me.

So I roll over. Turn on the lamp. Grab my bible. And start having amazing chats that sometimes lead to worship, but mainly leads to even sweeter peace.

One Response to “5 a.m.”

  1. Allie said

    The Lord works in mysterious hours. 🙂

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