September 2, 2010

JAMBO! I am down to 5 days until I leave! KUH-RAY-ZEE!

Here’s a list of some things I will miss while I’m in Kenya:

  • my amazing friends and family back in Texas!
  • celebrating Halloween
  • GLEE
  • Real Housewives of Atlanta ( don’t judge me)
  • Dr. Pepper? (I heard that I’ll be craving that stuff…but I don’t even really drink it here in TX)
  • BROOKE FRASER! (I soooo hate that I can’t be at her concerts while she’s in TX, so PLEASE enjoy them for me.)
  • ummm. I know that there are more but my mind is drawing a blank.

Regardless of all of those many things that I’ll be missing, here are some things I’m excited for in Kenya:

  • new friendships
  • God’s providence
  • GROWTH (in myself and others)
  • the unexpected
  • to see the children at the orphanage (especially Lucy)

Lucy's smile is contagious!

I’m so ready for this new season/chapter in my life! God is faithful!!


One Response to “Bullets”

  1. Allie said

    Don’t you worry, I’ll reenact the RHOA for you on your wall.

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