December 15, 2010

…I’VE BEEN HERE FOR YEARS!!! (Gotta love some throwback LL Cool J lyrics)

So I’m back home. The US home. Not to be confused with the Kenya home.

And…I’m bored.

A sad but true realization that I’ve come to today. I, Leslie Yvonne Cross, is bored…almost outta her mind. Several people have told me before that only boring people get bored….so does that make me extremely boring and dull?

….Don’t answer that.

Anywho, it feels good to be home, don’t get me wrong. It’s so great to receive phone calls from family and friends 24/7 and have that good, comforting feeling knowing that soul friends are just an almost 2 hour drive away.

However, there are still those times that I long for my other home. Kenya. If I could have it my way every single soul friend and family member would be conveniently burdened for Kenya and conveniently moved to live in Kenya…with me…because it would be awesome and…convenient….and comfortable. BUT God doesn’t do comfortable. Nor convenience. His ways are not like our ways. And His ways are perfect and good. Therefore, I rejoice in the fact that His way and His will WILL be done in my life. And even though what we think is comfortable and convenient, God provides a whole higher and greater level of comfort during times of uncertainty and inadequacy. God equips.

Recently, I was asked a really hard question. “Were you homesick when you were in Kenya?” I could tell the faces looking back at me were wanting a huge YES! But honestly, I wasn’t homesick once. Like I said previously, God equips. He comforts more than anyone ever can. Also, there was never a moment when I really felt the distance between home and Kenya, because Kenya became home. People say “Home is where the heart is.” Well, God has definitely placed my heart in Kenya and therefore He’s had a home (or people that remind me of home) placed there as well.

In the past 3 months, I’ve learned that:

There is comfort in obedience. There is joy in obedience. There is fulfillment in obedience. There is contentment in obedience. There is peace in obedience. There is providence in obedience. There is life in obedience.

It’s so great to know  that when we take that leap of faith and sometimes feel like we’re free-falling,  God is the one controlling the gravity, the wind speed, the landing, the fall,….you get the point.

Did I ramble? Have I bored you?

…Don’t answer that.

Here’s some LL Cool J lyrics to end with:

Don’t you call this a regular jam
I’m gonna rock this land
I’m gonna take this itty bitty world by storm
And I’m just gettin warm.




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