Rescue Center Poem

September 20, 2012

See their little hands with fingers tiny, small

Never to be beater, or else apart they fall

See these little feet with sweetest rosy toes

Never to be stood on, leave them free to go.

See their tender ears – eager to hear more.

Never to be screamed at, not what they are for.

Their little mouths, so beautiful, expressing thoughts so

If we stop their wisdom nothing will get out

Cheery eyes all clear and bright, seeing everything

If you choose to cover them, nothing will go in

See those little souls, still free and innocent

Through anguish, pain, and suffering, this purity will end.

With their little spines, tall and straight they sit

With every unkind word, they bend a little bit.

Of people walking upright, we want more about,

So let us make our children people who speak out.







March 20, 2011

Beautiful song. It speaks to me. Everytime I hear it (and sing it) I just feel the overwhelming love/grace of God.

Hope it speaks to you.

SN: I’ve been silent. Lots of things are happening. Good things.


VidLuv: Blackbird

February 15, 2011

I love Bobby McFerrin. Have a great Tuesday.



February 1, 2011

Here’s what I want to accomplish in my lifetime….

Freakin' awesome mo'hawk


A Fabulous Blowout (and MASSIVE hoops)

Photoshoot with my natural


Be a Natural Bride

Happily Natural no matter what some people/society thinks.

Who knows?

January 30, 2011

I’ve been in this rut lately of wanting to blog everyday, and feeling like I have stuff to say, but not really knowing how to say it.

The reason could be that I don’t know how to describe my life right now.

I’m kind of in a middle ground. Things are going great but maybe as much as I think I’m where God has me, I’m wishing He had me somewhere else.

Tsk, Tsk, Tsk. Shame on me.

I don’t want to just go through these days, missing every beauty, person, and opportunity that God places directly under my nose. I want to go through these days seeing the purpose to each one and “stopping to smell the roses.”

And the thing is I’m open. I’m open to what God has for every day and I feel like I’m seeking for His activity. But maybe there’s an ounce of doubt. Or non-genuine contentment…

Who knows?

Has anyone felt like this? On an awkward crossroads?

Labor & Delivery

January 18, 2011

Many times we focus on the birth of our dreams while forgetting to take into consideration the changes a mother goes through to get to birth. Her body changes to protect and provide for the child. Her mind adapts to new ways of thinking and processing so that the needs of the child are met. I congratulate you on the news that your dream is coming, but what are you going to do for the next 9 months to prepare?


December 15, 2010

…I’VE BEEN HERE FOR YEARS!!! (Gotta love some throwback LL Cool J lyrics)

So I’m back home. The US home. Not to be confused with the Kenya home.

And…I’m bored.

A sad but true realization that I’ve come to today. I, Leslie Yvonne Cross, is bored…almost outta her mind. Several people have told me before that only boring people get bored….so does that make me extremely boring and dull?

….Don’t answer that.

Anywho, it feels good to be home, don’t get me wrong. It’s so great to receive phone calls from family and friends 24/7 and have that good, comforting feeling knowing that soul friends are just an almost 2 hour drive away.

However, there are still those times that I long for my other home. Kenya. If I could have it my way every single soul friend and family member would be conveniently burdened for Kenya and conveniently moved to live in Kenya…with me…because it would be awesome and…convenient….and comfortable. BUT God doesn’t do comfortable. Nor convenience. His ways are not like our ways. And His ways are perfect and good. Therefore, I rejoice in the fact that His way and His will WILL be done in my life. And even though what we think is comfortable and convenient, God provides a whole higher and greater level of comfort during times of uncertainty and inadequacy. God equips.

Recently, I was asked a really hard question. “Were you homesick when you were in Kenya?” I could tell the faces looking back at me were wanting a huge YES! But honestly, I wasn’t homesick once. Like I said previously, God equips. He comforts more than anyone ever can. Also, there was never a moment when I really felt the distance between home and Kenya, because Kenya became home. People say “Home is where the heart is.” Well, God has definitely placed my heart in Kenya and therefore He’s had a home (or people that remind me of home) placed there as well.

In the past 3 months, I’ve learned that:

There is comfort in obedience. There is joy in obedience. There is fulfillment in obedience. There is contentment in obedience. There is peace in obedience. There is providence in obedience. There is life in obedience.

It’s so great to know  that when we take that leap of faith and sometimes feel like we’re free-falling,  God is the one controlling the gravity, the wind speed, the landing, the fall,….you get the point.

Did I ramble? Have I bored you?

…Don’t answer that.

Here’s some LL Cool J lyrics to end with:

Don’t you call this a regular jam
I’m gonna rock this land
I’m gonna take this itty bitty world by storm
And I’m just gettin warm.




September 16, 2010

Just look at my other blog until I come back on Nov 16th.

Love you, but it’s too much to type.

Kenyan Ramblings

September 10, 2010

I’m here! It’s only my second day and has continued to be glorious!!! I love seeing familiar faces and even prouder of myself when I actually remember their names. 🙂

My flights were exhausting and I actually sat behind a crying baby and a ridiculous mother. Lucky me!

Time change is a bit difficult. This morning I woke up at 5 am and didn’t know what to do with myself…but laugh. The weird sleeping schedule is getting to my brain.

Everyone is in love with Oreos. I brought a pack with me and they couldn’t believe the amazing flavor in their mouth. I was even told to hurry and fly back and bring some more. 🙂

Can I just say I want to be camera ready whenever I speak english to the kenyans here. Their faces are priceless when they realize I’m american and some even shake my hand harder. LOL! The confusion is amazing.

Okay…I’m going to blog on my Kenyan blog.

Go there.


September 2, 2010

JAMBO! I am down to 5 days until I leave! KUH-RAY-ZEE!

Here’s a list of some things I will miss while I’m in Kenya:

  • my amazing friends and family back in Texas!
  • celebrating Halloween
  • GLEE
  • Real Housewives of Atlanta ( don’t judge me)
  • Dr. Pepper? (I heard that I’ll be craving that stuff…but I don’t even really drink it here in TX)
  • BROOKE FRASER! (I soooo hate that I can’t be at her concerts while she’s in TX, so PLEASE enjoy them for me.)
  • ummm. I know that there are more but my mind is drawing a blank.

Regardless of all of those many things that I’ll be missing, here are some things I’m excited for in Kenya:

  • new friendships
  • God’s providence
  • GROWTH (in myself and others)
  • the unexpected
  • to see the children at the orphanage (especially Lucy)

Lucy's smile is contagious!

I’m so ready for this new season/chapter in my life! God is faithful!!